We understand the importance of having a stress-free and worry-free vacation. At Jewel Resorts, we value not only the peace of mind of our guests, but also our guest's health. This is why we have begun taking safety measures to ensure a Zika-free environment when you vacation with us.

Zika Preventative Treatments on Property:
  • ​Fogging to control the adult mosquito population
  • Actively looking for and controlling breeding sites
  • Setting up bait stations around the property to reduce breeding sources
  • Facilitating training sessions for select team members by the health department
  • Training resident nurses to treat and diagnose illnesses associated wit the Zika Virus
  • Sensitization of our general staff complement to ensure that knowledge of personal precautions
  • Diagnosing Zika virus cases sooner at an accredited lab by the WHO
  • Spraying guest rooms for mosquitoes on request
  • Offering repellents and other mosquito control products (citronella) on property at the gift shop
Additionally, the local government has continued surveilling the country's ports of entry for any Zika outbreaks and encouraging the fogging of communities while also searching and destroying breeding sites. For more information, please visit our Travel Information page